Adding a Tripleseat Embedded Lead form to Wordpress

Please note, the following steps do require a degree of technical acumen, so it's recommend that these be done by a Web Developer or someone with a degree of expertise in Web technologies.
Wordpress is a separate entity to Tripleseat, so this is meant to be a guide to common steps; due to different plugins and themes for Wordpress you will see differences in our screenshots and the form may render differently on your Wordpress pages.

For your first steps, navigate to your Wordpress Dashboard and then click the Pages tab:



Once you are on the pages tab, Choose the page you want to add your form to and click Edit:

Look on your page and choose the area on your page where you want to put the form code, look for the plus sign and click the add block button.



In the search for block option, type in 'html' and chose the 'Custom Html' option:

At this point the block option will look similar to this:



After choosing Custom HTML, paste in the lead's form in the form (please note, we have hidden the lead form id and public key from this example as it's going to be unique for everyone's account)


Once the lead form code has been added to the block, hit Preview (please note that the font will not match the rest of your site until you do a full page preview noted below):


Click Save Draft and then Preview to review your page with the form.

If it all looks good, hit Publish, and then you're done!





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