Setting up SAML on Tripleseat

See below for instructions on how to add SAML to your Tripleseat site. This Feature allows you to use your Tripleseat site to manage different credentials. Please note, this is intended to larger groups who have an IT department to get them set up:

To Setup In Tripleseat:

  • Settings
  • Preferences
  • User Authentication
  • Scroll down to SAML Settings
  • Check Enable Connection
  • Check off Allow IDP Initiated Logins (optional)*
  • Enter in third party information

Once Setup (example with OneLogin)

Many Third Parties* can be used with Tripleseat SAML including:

  • Google
  • One Login
  • Okta
  • Azure AD

*Please note we are SAML 2.0 compliant only

SAML Details:

  • Can be setup for the individual user or company wide
  • Login page will now offer a single-sign on when enabled

SAML Generic URLs*:

  • Sign On URL or Login URL or Start URL:
  • Reply URL ACS (Assertion Consumer Service):
  • EID or Entity ID or Identifier URL (may not be needed in all SSO settings):

*Unique URL's are provided in the SAML settings page in Tripleseat if "Allow IDP Initiated Logins" is checked off


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