Details for SAML using OneLogin

See below for details on how to add SAML using OneLogin. This Feature is allows you to use one login to manage different credentials.

  • To setup one login for SAML on Tripleseat you will need to access your One Login Account.
    • Login to one login
    • Go to applications tab
    • Create a new application from the template "SAML Test Connector (SP Shibboleth)"
    • Fill in Tripleseat details:
      Login URL:

      ACS (Consumer) URL* and SAML Recipient:
      ACS (Consumer) URL Validator*: ^https:\/\/login\.tripleseat\.com\/saml_acs\/$
    • Next click on SSO in Onelogin, you will be copying multiple items from the SSO section to Tripleseat so open a new browser tab and window and log into Tripleseat
    • In Tripleseat go to Settings > Preferences > click on the User Authentication tab
    • Check off Enable Connection under SAML and enter OneLogin in IDP Display Title
    • Copy the Issuer URL from the SSO page from Onelogin and paste it into Issuer URL (Entity ID) in Tripleseat
    • Copy the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) URL from Onelogin and paste it into the SAML 2.0 Endpoint URL in Tripleseat
    • In Onelogin click View Details link under the Standard Strength Certificate (2048-bit)
    • Copy the entire certificate text using the button shown below and paste it into the IDP Certificate text box in Tripleseat
    • Click Required for all users if you wish to only allow them to login via OneLogin and Update
    • Log out of Tripleseat and you will see the OneLogin option when logging back into Tripleseat
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