The Difference Between a Booking and an Event

In Tripleseat you will see options to create both Bookings and Events. Each Event is automatically tied to a Booking. Knowing the difference will help in deciding which option to choose when entering details into Tripleseat:

Bookings: Bookings are the "umbrella" of what you are hosting. They allow you to have multiple Events to be tied together. Bookings can go over multiple days or be on a single day over different rooms and time frames. A great example of when you would use the "New Booking" button would be a Wedding. You would add an Event for the Rehearsal Dinner on one date, another Event for the Ceremony and another Event for the Reception on another date. All separate Events will be under the Booking "umbrella" of the Wedding.

Events: Events are used to book an event for a specific Date for a length of time. Every Event will automatically be put into a Booking in case more Events need to be added. An example of when you would use the "New Event" button for would be a Private Dinner. This would only be on one day with a start and end time. You can schedule Events in multiple Rooms if needed.

Below, please find the video explaining the difference between an Event and Booking and demonstrates how to create a Booking:

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