Can I get my Tripleseat Calendar to show up on my iPhone or Google Calendar?

The very first step in either case is to get the Calendar Export URL from Tripleseat and copy it before following the steps below. You can find this by logging into Tripleseat, clicking on Calendar and then clicking on Export at the bottom of the screen. You can add links to Event documents, change Timezone of the Calendar or add Filters with the buttons at the top of the Export screen. Once these are set, copy the URL you wish to import into your Calendar and follow the correct instructions below.

For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Using Safari:

  1. Log into your Tripleseat account in the Safari(default) browser
  2. Click on Calendar, scroll to the bottom and click Export
  3. Choose which Export link you'd like to add to your iPhone
  4. Click the Add to Outlook / iCal button below the link
  5. Click Subscribe on the overlay
  6. Click View Events
  7. If you do not see the Events click on Calendars at the bottom and ensure Tripleseat is checked off

If the above method does not work, add manually by using the steps below:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars on pre iOS 11 or Accounts & Passwords on iOS 11 or later
  3. Tap on Add Account
  4. Tap Other
  5. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar
  6. Paste in the URL you copied from Tripleseat in the Server space and click Next
  7. Change the Description line to a different name if you wish, no need to change any other settings and hit Save

The Calendar has been imported!

For Google Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar through your browser by going to
  2. For Classic Google Calendar - On the left side you will see Other Calendars, press the down arrow and choose Add by URL
    For the new Google Calendar - Press the + sign to the right of add coworker's or friend's Calendar and choose From URL
  3. Paste in the URL you copied from Tripleseat and press Add Calendar

The Calendar has been imported!

PLEASE NOTE: Any Events that have been imported but then marked as Lost can take up to 24 hours to be removed from your Calendar in Google or on an iOS device. This is something that we unfortunately can not change.

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