Leads API

A lead represents a prospective person or interested party. Leads can be converted into Accounts/Contacts and Events.

Lead Fields Overview (JSON | XML schema)

  • id (read only)
  • first_name (required)
  • last_name (required)
  • company - Business or Organization
  • location_id - location ID 
  • start_time - e.g., 5:30pm (HH:MM AM|PM)
  • end_time - e.g., 7:00pm (HH:MM AM|PM)
  • event_date - Date of event (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • event_description - nature of event (party, graduation, etc.)
  • guest_count - must be numeric
  • phone_number
  • email_address - must be in a valid format
  • phone_number_extension
  • created_at - lead creation timestamp
  • updated_at - timestamp of the last modification (read only)
  • turned_down_at - date turned down (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM|PM)
  • turned_down_reason
  • contact_preference - Phone or Email
  • lead_source_id - Lead Source ID (see sites API)
  • email_opt_in - opt in for marketing or newsletter emails from you
  • additional_information - additional notes
  • gdpr_consent_granted - with the value 1 to indicate that the lead has consented to data collection as required by GDPR

Lead Show / List Endpoints (JSON | XML schema)

GET /v1/leads.(xml | json) 

Retrieves a paginated list of leads (50 per page, use page parameter listed below to iterate over pages).

GET /v1/leads/{id}.(xml | json) 

Retrieves an lead by its ID.

DELETE /v1/leads/{id}.(xml | json)

Deletes the lead for the given ID. 

GET /v1/leads/search.(xml | json)?{search params}

Search for leads using filtering parameters (listed below). Append parameters together using & (e.g., ?query=kevin&sort_direction=desc&order=created_at).

Search Parameters and values

  • query - searches by name, email, phone
  • order - first_name, last_name, company, created_at, updated_at
  • sort_direction - desc, asc
  • email_opt_in
  • page (1..9999999)
  • lead_status - all (the default, excludes deleted), not_converted, turned_down, deleted, converted_to_account, converted_to_booking
  • created_after - ISO8601 date/time. Matches leads with a created_at greater than or equal to the parameter value
  • created_before - ISO8601 date/time. Matches leads with a created_at less than or equal to the parameter value


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