Copying/Pasting into Documents

Copy/Pasting content from PDF's, Word documents, and other sources can cause issues due to how web browsers interpret information from other sources.

We recommend doing one of the following in order to properly paste content into Tripleseat.

If you're using Chrome as your browser

When you paste content into a text field, use the keyboard shortcut: Cntrl+Shift+V on PC and Command-Shift-Option-V on Mac.

If you're using Firefox as your browser:

There is a plugin you can install in Firefox that gives you the option to paste content without formatting: click here to read about and download this plugin.

If all else fails, these methods work in all browsers:

* Paste the content into Notepad (in Windows) or Textedit (on Mac), then copy the content from there into Tripleseat.

* Or, In Tripleseat, above the content section you wish to paste the content in to, click the "Paste from Word" toolbar function and paste the content into the window it provides.

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