Types of Tripleseat Lead Forms

Here are the different types of lead forms we offer. Each can be tied to your company's website.

Embedded Form

This is the usually the easiest and fastest way to get Tripleseat onto your website. You just need to have the person/company who maintains your website insert the embedded code into your website. Click here to view the full set up guide.

Hosted Lead Form

We offer a hosted lead form if you don't want to embed the lead form directly into your site. Click here to view a demo. The downside with this form is it can only be somewhat customized to take on your company brand. It also requires that visitors leave your website, which is why we generally recommend using the Embedded Form.

API Lead Form

The most technically challenging approach. We offer an API endpoint where lead information can be programatically submitted. This is usually a good approach if you have are already using a customized lead form and want some of that information to be automatically sent to your Tripleseat account.

This is also a good option if you are using a Flash-based lead form. For more information on our API and how to set it up, click here for more information about our API Lead Form.

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