Process Credit Card Payments and Holds using Stripe or CardConnect

Tripleseat uses Stripe or Bluepay/CardConnect to facilitate payments.

Stripe enables us to collect money from your customers and deposit that money directly into your business's bank account, easily, quickly, and cheaply.

Stripe Fees

(Your base Stripe Rate) + 30 cents (Stripe fee) + 0.3% (Tripleseat fee)

The base Stripe pricing is listed here, but it is possible to negotiated different rates based on your customer volume. Email and a sales representative will reach out to you. Tripleseat will charge a small 0.3% fee per transaction

Bluepay/CardConnect Fees

VISA, MC, DISCOVER = 2.55% plus 25 cents per transaction
American Express = 3.65% plus 25 cents per transaction
ACH = .5%
+$10 a month service charge

Your Bluepay/CardConnect rate may be negotiated directly with Bluepay/CardConnect here. 


How the Payment Process Works

1. Create a payment record on the event page.

Under the payments tab on an event's page you can add a payment record. This lets you set a due date and the amount of the payment.

2. Send a request for payment or collect the payment manually

Once a payment record is created, you can request payment from the customer via the share link. This will send your client an email which will link them to our secure credit card form.

If your guests credit card information is already in the system, you can charge their card without any additional steps.

3. Notification of payment

Lastly, You and your client will receive an email confirmation once the credit card payment has been completed. The money will be deposited into your business's bank account via the processor's automated 2-day payment schedule.

The payment will also be marked completed on your event page in Tripleseat.

4. Report on paid vs unpaid bookings

By using our payments system, you can easily see which events are overdue, outstanding, and paid in exact detail via the Reports tab. No more bothering your bank or accounting department to see who hasn't paid!

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