How do I set up an Automatic Task?

An Automatic Task is a reminder and a great way to keep you and your team are efficient and organized. To set up an Automatic Task, you will go to Settings > Automatic Tasks. From here, you can set up a new Automatic Task:

  1. Add a Task Name.
  2. Select a Trigger Action. This means when the Task will be created and listed in your Tasks page.
  3. You will set a Due Date - choose X days before or after the trigger action itself, or a date.
  4. You will choose a Task Type - this is a great way to categorize your tasks and report off of it later. 
  5. The Task Body is the information you will see when the task is created. Here, you will add information on what you need to do.
  6. On the right-hand side, you will choose your location(s), choose who needs to complete this task (whether it's a certain user OR smart task assignee which allows the user to change based on the event or lead itself).
  7. Select Save!
  8. Moving forward, your upcoming task triggers will populate this new task for you.

    Here is a common Automatic Task Example:


Pro Tip: The option to "Send Task Assignment email to the user who triggered this task" will allow notification to be sent to the user if they were the same user set to receive the task and triggered it.

See below to find our Youtube Video about Tasks:

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