How do I Close Out My Event?

The event has taken place and you're ready to move your event from Definite to Closed:

  1. Check your docs tab within the event. From here, you can edit your document template (selecting the gear button on the right-hand side to edit). You will want to make sure all picklist items and notes are up to date and accurate. For example, if the party ended up adding more food during the duration of the event, you will want to be sure this is captured as a picklist item.

    Pro Tip: What you add in Tripleseat will be what you get out of it! In terms of Reporting, you will want to be sure your items within the document are up to date and accurate, so you can report off of it later and see what was actually sold!

  2. Once your documents have been updated, you will want to check your payments tab to ensure all payments have been reconciled and the guest does not owe any balance. Here, you can match up your POS receipt or event add it to "attached files" on the right-hand side of the event for reference. 

  3. Check your tasks tab! Make sure there is nothing due at this time before closing out the event.

  4. Now, we can edit the event to move it to Closed! Once it's closed, that indicates to you and your team that it has been completed and there is no additional editing needed.
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