Event Details Report

This report will allow you to view and analyze detailed event information. To run this report, please find the steps below:

  1. Open Tripleseat and click on Reports.
  2. Click on the Custom button under Event Details Report and click Customize.
  3. From here, you will add your criteria of what you're looking for. You will find available tabs at the top of your page (i.e. Event Details, Columns).
  4. From the Event Details tab, you will choose the dates of your Events, Status of the Events if you wish specific ones. You can also narrow down the Rooms, Event Style, and Owners.
  5. Click on the Columns tab. You can choose what columns appear in the report.
  6. You also have other tabs available to you, such as Grouping and Sorting, which allows you to analyze your data in a different way (for example, you can Group the report by Month or Sort it by Status).
  7. When ready, you can select Run Report.
  8. Click Save if you wish to Save this Report for future use. You also have the ability to share this report with other users in your account or exporting it to excel.

    Check out our Reporting Video below:

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