What is the definition behind each Event Status?

For aligning your team so that the current statuses are useful, we recommend the following definitions:

Prospect- Earliest stage, no documents have been shared with guests; prospect events can overlap with each other on the calendar.
Tentative - This status should be used when you have shared documents with your guests.
Definite - For when your guest has signed a contract and/or submitted a deposit.
Lost - For events that fall through at some part during the planning process. You can choose a lost reason which is reportable. These lost reasons can be customized in settings > preferences > dropdowns.
Closed - For after the event has taken place. Documents have been updated, the event total has been reconciled, and all payments have been marked as paid. There should be no outstanding balance for your guest.

Pro Tip: These are general Status definitions. They could be used slightly differently based on account. Please also note, we cannot adjust the Status Names, Colors, or Add a New Status.

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