How do I adjust the Font Style and Size of my Layouts (i.e. BEO, Kitchen Sheet etc)?

  1. Open Tripleseat and click Settings (bottom left hand of your page).
  2. Click on Documents. 
  3. From here, you will find the Layout you want to edit. Hover over that layout and select "Edit Layout" on the right-hand side.
  4. Select "Layout Properties".
  5. Adjust your Font or Font Size. Please note, this will only affect this one layout. If you need to adjust other layouts too, please repeat the steps.
  6. When complete, click "Save Layout" in the top left corner.

    Pro Tip
    : Within Layout properties, you are can select "Enable Advanced PDF Converter". Enabling this option allows additional functionality such as headers/footers, page size, and page count.
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