How to Add A Credit/Refund When Not Utilizing a Stripe or CardConnect Integration

If you need to add a Refund or Credit to your Event and you do not process payments using Stripe or Bluepay/CardConnect integrations, please use the following steps.

Please note: You will still need to process the refund with your in house method of processing payment:

  1. Log into Tripleseat and open the Event
  2. Click on the 'Payments Tab'
  3. Click Add a Payment
  4. Enter a NEGATIVE amount (ex -150) under 'Custom Amount'
  5. Ensure the correct Document in the 'Show On Document' is selected if multiple Orders
  6. Add a 'Customer-facing Title' if you wish
  7. Add an 'Internal Note' for your staff's reference if needed
  8. Click 'Save' if still due, click 'Save & Pay' if refund is already processed on your end
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