How do I Export The Tripleseat Calendar To Outlook On Mac?

Unfortunately newer Macs removed the ability to set Outlook as the default Calendar. To import the Calendar from Tripleseat to Outlook for Mac please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a calendar in Outlook for Mac by clicking on the Organize tab and then click New Calendar
  2. Name the Calendar
  3. In Tripleseat, go to Calendar and click on Export
  4. If need be, edit the Filters, add Document Links or Offset the Timezone
  5. Scroll down to the Calendar you want and copy the URL link
  6. Paste the link in a new browser window or tab
  7. If prompted, download the .ics file
  8. Go to the folder where the file was downloaded (usually Downloads)
  9. Drag the .ics file and drop it on the name of the Calendar you just created and it's been added!
  10. Please ensure on the Tools tab that the slider for Online/Offline is set to Online
  11. If you need to remove the Calendar, right click and choose delete

Please Note: If you drop the .ics file onto the Default Calendar you will only be able to delete the Events one by one manually.

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