Include Discussion Template In Reply

Tripleseat's discussion system only includes the guest's response by default, but at times you may want to have the email you send also be in the reply of a Discussion Email. Typically this is used when you ask a series of questions in your Email and your Contact may fill in the Answers next to the questions in their reply. To ensure you can see these answers, you will want to use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Discussion Email Templates
  2. Create a General Event Template or edit an existing Template
  3. Check mark "Include this Email in Guest(s) response"
  4. Click Save

You will also have access to this setting when using the Email Editor in a Discussion with or without a Template.

*Note: You can also select "Include this Email in Guest(s) response" within the discussion thread of an event, booking, or lead if you are utilizing the email editor to send an email to the guest(s).

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